Sunday, December 27, 2009

Organizing my First Event

ملتقى المسار

During the last 2 years, I followed many blogs and I know that I am late to have my own. I tried 2 years ago and many friends encouraged me to do so but I couldn't go on. This time, Thanks to a friend I met in Malaysia whose blog Zaidlearn, encouraged me, I am going to start once again.

That is a strange coincidence. I have attended many events in many countries but this is also the first time I organize one myself .

The event is called Masar forum "Moltaqa Masar". Masar "The Path" is the name of a multi-project program I lead in my organization with the objective of maximizing the use of technology in education through culture spread and change management. 230 teachers including male and female (not easy in Saudi Arabia!) attended the event on December 25th. Most important session as surveyed was ALHADULILAH my keynote speech (innovative ideas in Elearning). I started the session with a shocking video (considering our culture here) I watched in ICEL conference presented by Lucifer Chu.

I looked through some web 2.0 tools that can be used in education like QR, Facebook, TED, Youtube, Second life...etc.

I consider the event successful for many reasons. One of the most important was a situation when more than one teacher stopped me and said "I think we can work better with our students if we take serious what you have presented, and we will."